Help building a Skills Development Center for a village in South Africa


Crowdfunding action

A start capital of €24,000 is needed to kickstart our project. With your money we can renovate the building in which the SDC will be settled, and equip it with a sewing workshop and office - all including the necessary tools (such as computers and sewing machines).


The Mankosi community in South Africa deals with poverty and unemployment. In cooperation with skilled Xhosa individuals, the Skills Development Center will offer individuals the right program that provides them of insights in the possibilities of job opportunities and a sustainable income. The Skills Development Center is about regaining confidence in their own capacities and future possibilities. This way we can break the poverty circle!


Unemployment, poverty, hopelessness and alcohol abuse are the main challenges confronting the Mankosi community in South Africa. This already starts after finishing high school; the Mankosi youth often spends their days unemployed, without a fair chance. The Skills Development Center (SDC) will offer a program each year, wherein the students learn a valuable skill. This way, the Mankosi youth will provide for themselves and their community of a sustainable income and will regain confidence in a hopeful future.


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Our vision is to work from the bottom.

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This project is part of TransCape NPO.

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Renovating the building is part of the kickstart

We believe in the power of the local people, and therefore we first have formulated the most valuable skills together with the Mankosi people: sewing, driving, organic agriculture (agroecology) and basic computer skills. Now, it’s time to offer these skills to, and together with, the Mankosi community in the SDC. Besides, the learning programs make the students aware of all the different job opportunities, by inviting local and international professionals to give courses to broaden their ideas about possible professions. Finally, the programs will encourage them to create opportunities, by starting an own business, finding a job and to initiate sustainable farming.

Long term impact

In a period of two years, we will focus completely on the kickstart of the project: establishing the center and implementing the above mentioned trainings. When the SDC opens in December 2019, the local volunteers will take over and will get a paid job with the aim to empower the community completely. After the milestone of two years, the SDC is able to train 57 students a year. Within a year, a student has obtained an official skill-related certificate and is able to apply the skill to become self sufficient. We believe that this concept can serve as an example for a better future for the next Mankosi generations and other South African rural villages with high unemployment rates.

How it started 

In November 2017, Mirthe and Vincent moved to South Africa with the aim to make a difference. Vincent started working as a doctor in the local Hospital and Mirthe focused on the underdeveloped areas in one of the poorest parts of South Africa. After getting in touch with TransCape NPO and local families it became clear that the local community is very motivated to learn and improve skills. However, there are currently no facilities or resources in the area.


The last 1,5 year Mirthe worked for this community and has build a strong team. The team consists of locals and internationals. They are working voluntarily for a Skills Development Center in Mankosi area.  

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